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Trophy boat 1903 review by Guest

I recently bought a 1903. It was manufactured by a division of Brunswick marine. The factory is located in Cumberland, Maryland which is located 130 miles away from Baltimore and Washington D.C. This boat is made with remarkable quality to provide you with an unparallel performance. It definitely has some special features and it comes with a warranty period of 10 years as well. You can find a number of boat manufacturing companies in Europe including Ferrate, Royal yacht, Luzern, Azimuth and so on.

They produce some of the best boats in town which are used for trading as well fishing, but I mainly use it for fishing. You can even travel long distances on these boats because of their durability. These boats have four toilets and four apartments but then you can only use these boats on salt water and not on fresh water and this is one drawback with these boats. This boat is indeed very trendy and durable on a long run.

A lot of them enjoy sailing on this trophy boat. I didn’t want to buy used so I decided to pick a brand new boat and I must tell you I don’t regret my decision in any way.  There are many benefits of getting a brand new boat; you can use it for racing without any hesitation. The biggest advantage of these boats is that you can use them in summer as well.  They come in elegant color combinations.

This boat comes with a warranty period of 10 years, so you don’t have to worry about the durability.  This boat has passed all the quality tests hence it is the best. They have made use of stainless steel and fabric glass while manufacturing this boat for added durability. It is one of the effective and efficient boats in the market and trophy boat is definitely one of the trusted names.

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Trophy Boats 1802 (2010) Model

trophy boats 18021802 is good for family short trip and fishing.   The design and construction is excellent, 100% Polypropylene Carpeting – Solution-Dyed, Stain & Fade – Resistant.  It also has handlaid fiberglass with a beautiful textured surface deck.  The warranty is good for 10 year!


The cabin is very roomy with lockable entry door, overhead light and a portable head.  The cabin deck is quite high, as is the custom with walkarounds.  It allows you to take a very comfy position for fishing.


The 1802 has a sufficient power engine with 115HP DFI from Mercury Optimax.  It has bilge pumps, 500gph & 1000gph (both Manual & Automatic).  It let you dance nicely through the water surface!!


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Trophy boat 2359 hard top Model

trophy boats 2359Trophy boat 2359  is a type of boat that is good for fishing and family tour. It has specially designed for the family because it has a lot of space in it. The design of the trophy boat is excellent because when it is passing through the outer surface of the water than it don’t face a heavy friction because it is a cylindrical form like aero plane. Here I will describe the main feature of trophy boat model 2359. The vessel shape of trophy boat is fine. The drawback of the trophy boat is that it cannot be move on the salty water.


Basically trophy boat is manufacturing in European countries. United sate of America and Holland are the most developing country of the Europe and they produce this type of a boat in excess amount. The time duration of trophy boat is excellent it can travel one hour and fifty minutes. It is good wireless system technology in it, use for the purpose of communication.  It has good fueling capacity.


The capacity of fuel in trophy boat is 380 liters. It is a huge space in the trophy boat. A lot of equipments and a luggage can be adjusted here easily. Trophy boat has a 4 berth. It has clean toilet with water pump. Holding tank facility is available in this boat. It is good smart craft system ability to control the all functions of engine. Control system in trophy boat also use for the monitoring of engine. All the functions of trophy boats designed electronically. All the electronic equipments in the trophy boat operate on radio frequency. Power cable is use for the starting of electronic equipments. The internal structure of the trophy boat is gorgeous because it has good color combination in it. Every one wants to get this boat for enjoying.

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