Trophy Boats Drawbacks

trophy boatsDrawbacks of trophy boats

There are so many drawbacks of trophy boat but some are discuss here. If trophy boat is going on long tour than mobile phone must be with you. Because the communication apparatus is available in trophy boat is not good. It drops the entire mobile phone signal. All the signals of cell phone drop in trophy boat because no external antenna available in it. The facility of black box is not available in this boat. Black box stores all present circumstances in it.


In trophy boats there are some electricity problems. Usage of cheap circuit breakers and sockets which is unable to step up high voltage. This is important drawback of trophy boats which is that, the trophy boats can only swim on simple water. Trophy boat cannot swim on salty water. Only the oceans have salt water, that’s way trophy boats cannot only swim on oceans. Speed of trophy boats is slow as compare to other boats; it is an important drawback of trophy boat.


The structure of trophy boat is good. The design of trophy boat is excellent. But there is some problem of air friction in it. The balance of trophy boat is not correct. Air friction is also a problem of this ship. It has a cylindrical design. One technical drawback of trophy boat is that it has no computerized system in it. The front mirror of trophy boat is so little.


There is no scanner system. If the terrorist enters in the boat you cannot judge them. The boat is not run more than one hour and fifty minutes. You may rest them after this time which is given in the instruction manual. If manufacturer is enhancing the features of trophy boat this is the best way to get the attention of the world.
If you do not give them rest so you may be face certain problems which is very harmful for the lives of passengers and other person which is present in the boat. The mirrors of trophy boats are black in color so that the people cannot enjoy the weather outside the boat. The capacity of the trophy boat is very less as compare to other boats, approximately equals to 10 to 11 passengers.  If the load is more than given load then there is a serious problem which you can face. On the whole trophy boat has an advantages as well as disadvantages.