Trophy Boats 2011 – Good Fishing Boats

trophy_boatsThe fishermen these days require a fishing “trophy boat” which has an unparallel performance and a remarkable quality. An unquestionable warranty along with a few other features is what makes a boat special. And this is exactly what the Trophy boats deliver. The main reason which makes these boats America’s most liked saltwater fishing boat is that they are designed perfect according to the demand of the fishermen. They match the requirements flawlessly. Brunswick Corporation manufactures the Trophy boats. Division of the Brunswick Marine Group, the Trophy manufacturing Facility, is located in Cumberland, Maryland. This is 130 miles from Washington, DC and Baltimore. The manufacturing facility of Trophy boats was founded and established in Cumberland on the 16th of December, 1987. At present, the fishing boat plant is over 14 acres along with 90,625 square feet. And the entire plant is under one single roof.



  • Trophy boats 2011 are some serious fishing machines thus their warranty holds an immense importance and weight-age.
  • Customers would obviously go for products with better and effective warranty. This is why the company provides a 10-year structure warranty which is enough to give peace of mind to the consumers.
  • From hull and deck, to stringers and from bow eyes to stainless steel cleats, each and every part of the boat is properly focused upon and paid attention to.
  • All this added features are quite attractive and appealing to a devoted fisherman.


  • There are as many as 200 employees which make various models of Trophy boat 2011 all around the years. Following the division of labor, the employees are responsible for phases of construction.
  • The designers are well aware of the sales markets. They make their boats exclusively for the devoted fishermen keeping in mind all their tiny little requirements.
  • This helps the customer to get the perfect product and it helps the company to increase its expertise.
  • Another quality which makes the company unique and outstanding is that the designers, engineers and the entire team works with the vendors who had passed the quality standards to design and build components and finished product.


  • Even the fuel tank is made with poor material which makes the tank insecure and vulnerable.



Therefore it can be concluded that the use of PRO (Process, Resource and Optimization) system, which ensures high quality at reasonable rates, along with the use of fiberglass and stainless steel makes the 2011 Trophy boats of US marines unique and the best. Each and every component is designed in the most efficient and effective way making the overall product, simply perfect. Despite these features, the boats are of reasonable and economical prices. Thus, it will not be wrong to conclude that “Trophy boat” is a trusted name amongst serious and devoted fishermen.